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St. Paul’s belongs to the United Church of Canada, which has room for many interpretations of the Christian story. Our faith is grounded in the Bible and nurtured by the sacraments of Baptism and Communion.  Following the example of Jesus, we intend to be an inclusive community, welcoming all regardless of age, social position, economic status, or sexual orientation.  We believe that the Spirit of God is at work in many faith communities; and we believe in working together for all.

For an overview of United Church beliefs,  click here.


We believe faith is to be lived out, trying to follow the example of Jesus,footsteps not by subscribing to a set of beliefs.  Nonetheless, the United Church has three historical statements of faith which have guided our thinking through the years.

  • Articles of Faith in the Basis of Union, the founding document of our church (1925)

  • “A New Creed,” a brief and well-loved statement of our relationships with God and with one another (1968, with later revisions)

  • “A Song of Faith,” a contemporary statement of our faith (2006)

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