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St Paul’s is an Affirming Ministry in the United Church of Canada.  We officially became an affirming ministry at the end of Thunder Bay Pride Week in 2014, after months of study and deliberation, and an overwhelmingly positive congregational vote.  We know we still have a distance to go, but our goal is to act daily on what we agreed to in our Affirming Ministry vision statement:

We believe every person is a beloved child of the living God. 


We are created in beautiful diversity: diverse in gender, gender identity, race, differing ability, and sexual orientation. We value this diversity and commit to being fully inclusive of all people.

Jesus knew no boundaries, embracing people of every age, socio-economic circumstance, cultural and ethnic identity, honouring all in their uniqueness. Following his example we strive to create a safe and nurturing faith community where all are included, valued and respected.

We pray for the Spirit to guide us as we continue to discover what it means to be an inclusive community, both in our church and in our world.

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