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Sundays at St. Paul’s Church

If you’d like to join us for Sunday worship and have questions, here is information that will help you with your visit.

What time is the Sunday service?

Services are at 10:30 AM. September through June, summer services are shared with Trinity United Church and their times will be announced.

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What happens on Sunday Morning?

you a service bulletin, show you where to hang your coat, where any brochures or newsletters are found, and where you might choose a seat.

What our services are like

In our worship we come together as a church family to offer praise, thanksgiving and prayer to God.  The style is a mixture of formal and less formal elements. You will find prayer, Scripture reading, a time for children, hymns, and usually music by our choir or handbell ringers. The singing is led by the choir and our beautiful Casavant pipe organ or our Steinway baby grand piano.  During worship our minister will present a Bible-based message, relating the Scripture to our daily lives.  The Lord’s Supper is celebrated several times a year, and the table is open to all.

Coffee, fellowship and conversation are an important feature after every service, so plan to spend some time then to get to know us better.

What to wear?

It’s your choice. Some people dress casually, while others enjoy the opportunity to wear “Sunday best”.  Wear whatever is comfortable for you.  We do encourage a scent-free environment for the health and comfort of all.


Parking is available beside and behind the church; there are three handicap spots near the elevator door at the west side, and two spots for newcomers right in front!


A Nursery is at the right front of the sanctuary.  You may take your child there and still be able to hear the service.  Also, members of our youth group are on standby to care for young children there.

Sunday school.  A religious exploration programme is offered to children between the ages of 4 and 12 during the Sunday service, after the time with the children. There they will learn about Jesus and his teachings in a warm, inclusive environment.


We have two youth groups who have activities other than on Sunday. The youth often have leadership in the Sunday service.

Will I be forced to join or convert?

The United Church is open to all who wish to be a part of or explore a faith community. You are welcome to join us for worship and to take part in our activities, for as long as you like, while you learn what it would be like to be a part of our church family.  But you will not be pressured to convert or to join.
We are happy to discuss membership with you if and when you decide you are ready.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us . We would love to hear from you.

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