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We appreciate photos - preferably jpegs - of all kinds of subjects for our website and facebook page. Thank you for submitting! Original photography: bright, colourful, and vibrant images.

Send to  Include your name, and if possible the name of the file and the date, place, and occasion of the photo.


Worship, life and work of our church

Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost

Images of/for Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, Children’s Sunday, National Aboriginal Day, and more special days and celebrations

Images of/for communion, baptism, confirmation, funerals

People doing things

Winter, summer, spring, fall

Mission and Service projects or partners

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Give yourself some gift cards and support St. Paul’s at the same time! It is also a handy way to get those Christmas, birthday, or wedding gifts cards for the friends and family without the hassle of going store-to-store. Ask any of the many at St. Paul’s who have already tried it!

Each month order gift cards to do your own regular everyday shopping at your favourite retailers – like Metro, Safeway, Esso, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Winners, iTunes, etc. There are about 75 different stores on the list. The cards don’t expire and if you only spend part, the rest stays on the card ready for when you shop again. You pay only the value of the card and St. Paul’s gets a percentage back (from the retailer through a program called FundScrip) on every card purchased. It’s a win-win!

Hand in your prepaid order to the church office during the week or to Marilyn at coffee hour after church by 12 noon on the first Sunday of the month and your cards will be ready for pick up on the second Sunday. Pay by cash or cheque to St. Paul’s.

Order forms are available at the church office and at the back of the Sanctuary each week. There are more values available than are shown on the form. Call the Church Office 345-5864 or Marilyn Marrier-Oborne at 767-2717 for more information.

This is a team effort that costs nothing extra, with no baking, no clean up, no hauling stuff and no extra time for meetings. Plus it’s an interesting way to make your everyday shopping support the work of faith.

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